Web Designers Philippines 10 Best Websites


It’s easy to overlook the talent and creativity of web designers Philippines after getting so accustomed to the internet, you forget the artist behind each web page. Being a web designer is not as prestigious as being a fashion designer. A web designer doesn’t get as much recognition for their work compared to lets say, an architect or a famous painter. It’s only a strong passion for this new artform which drive web designers Philippines to do what they do without expecting a huge reward. I put up this blog post to recognize a few of the best web designers Philippines who are located all around the world.

The common denominator among the best web designers Philippines websites

  • Very clean with lots of breathing space
  • Well written web copy, nice typography
  • Fast loading, use of CSS to replace images when possible
  • Professional yet still friendly looking
  • Subtle use of textures and shading to make it pop

Main reasons for not including some good web designers Philippines in the list

  • Too many ads/Spammy looking
  • Heavy usage of Flash /animation
  • Difficult to Navigate
  • Too much unrelated content
  • No emotions /Too corporate looking

Use this list for inspiration when building your own online portfolio or as reference whenever you’re in need of  a good web designer Philippines to hire.

Web Designers Philippines 10 Best Websites

10. EJ Frias, Singapore

A good start. All web design elements are pretty solid.

 9. Hanz Ray, Antipolo

Attractive color of featured graphics contrasting with grey-tone surroundings makes this a winner

 8. Prismona Wu De Leon, Cavite

First one page website in our list. Top section is dazzling.

 7. Bryan Regencia, Sydney

Looking busy in his picture. Probably just playing DOTA.

 6. Sheila Ong, Manila

Another one-page portfolio website but without the slider. Simple but rocks!

 5. Ronnie Morales Design

Web Redesign for 2013
Web Redesign for 2013

Well balanced design and high quality graphics. I just wish he didn’t use his name as his web design company’s name. Feels weird man. Actually using a real name to brand a web design firm is not a bad idea. It’s a great marketing strategy.

4. Joy Reyes, Manila

I had a hard time figuring out how to upload this image. It’s a single page website horizontal slider. More of a novelty but quite unique for a web designers Philippines website.


3. Christen Lacsamana, Canada

This is a chic website. This style will never go out of date.

 2. Caleb Serna  Web Designer Philippines

web designers philippines

What really caught my attention was the website video on his homepage. None of the other web designers Philippines sites I came across had anything as nice. Click play to watch the 1-minute video

The #1 Best Web Designers Philippines Website


1. Redel Bautista, Manila

The first time I opened this site I went, whoah! This is a web designers Philippines dream website portfolio. You know right away that this guy knows what he’s doing.

Web Designers Philippines Website Links

Live links to all the web designers Philippines websites:


From now on, remember to appreciate and recognize the fine work of web designers Philippines you come across. Inside that nerdy shell is a warm heart and a deep soul.

My Personal favorite in this list of Web Designers Philippines is #6, Sheila Ong – all the info you need is right smack in your face. I’m a big fan of K.I.S.S.(Keep it Simple Stupid) specially when it comes to web design. You won’t have a hard time browsing through her website at all. It’s not too intimidating with just the right amount of spunk that shows in her logo.

Well I’m sure you have your own preferences and styles you like. So I’m giving you this opportunity to share your opinions.

  • What are your thoughts on this list of best web designers Philippines I put together?
  • Which one did you like most and why?
  • Do you think they all worthy or would you recommend some better?

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  1. joanne

    thanks for the list, very helpful! i’m currently searching for a web desiginer kc.

    it would be nice if you can add the links to their websites:)

  2. Well done sir, there are more great web designers at Behance. Including local agencies/companies that do web dev & design. I myself is a Web Designer, I’m impressed by these folks. Mabuhay tayo :)

    Do include the links please.

    Thank you