Top 10 Funniest Vilma Hollywood Signs Philippines Version

funniest hollywood vilma pilipinas

If you can’t be a Hollywood actor, bring hollywood to the Philippines. Batangas Governor /”Star for all seasons” Vilma Santos is seriously planning of putting up a Hollywood-like sign on taal volcano to improve tourism in Batangas.

The news spread quickly via social networks and has now become another pinoy internet joke similar to the DPWH Photoshop fiasco.
hollywood philippines by vilma

Some people have expressed their opinions and find it a bit ridiculous. This small group of people has now turned Vilma’s Hollywood pilipinas into another original pinoy internet meme. I present to you the

Top 10 Funniest Hollywood Pilipinas Pictures

10. Jollibee sa kanto / tindahan – TIE!

tindahan hollywood jollibee sa kanto hollywood sign


9. I Love You Lucky – one of the designs close to Governor Vilma

I love you luck hollywood pilipinas


8. World’s Worst Airport – Like it’s a record title to be to be proud of

Naia worst airport hollywood pilipinas


7. Wrong Sign – imagine if someone messed up one of the signs

mayon volcano pilipinas hollywood


6. Manila Bay – this one could actually work…

Manila Bay Hollywood Pilipinas


5. 100 Islands – start counting

100 islands philppines hollywood pilipinas


4. Jeep / bus – just for those who can’t tell the difference

Jeep bus hollywood pilipinas


3. Luneta – Nice place for a photo op, ey?

Luneta Hollywood


2. Mayon Volcano – postcard worthy

Mayon hollywood pilipinas


and the number 1 slot goes to

1. Spratly Islands – could possibly end the debate in ownership

spratlys hollywood pilipinas


and my own contribution:

Rowboat by DesignPinoy

hollywood pilipinas design pinoy

I just took this photo over the weekend during our outing at Balai Isabel. It never occurred to me that I would use it for Hollywood Pilipinas.



In my opinion there are good applications for this sign. It should be a modern and trendy area like Sentosa Singapore.

sentosa hollywood sign


What other scenic spots in the Philippines could use some funny Hollywood style signs?

Feel free to make any good or bad comments below.

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