Top 10 Funniest DPWH Photoshopped Pictures

dpwh top 10 funniest photoshopped

The Philippine;s Department of Public Works and highways (DWPH) is in trouble after being caught for posting fake inspection pictures on their facebook page. Of course you can count on artistic Filipinos photoshopping the trio in all sorts of situations. Here is the Top 10 Funniest Photoshopped DPWH Pictures:

10.) Shark Attack

This is actually the real photo. They had to remove the shark because of the violent nature it portrayed.

dpwh shark attack


9.) DWPH rap trio knows how to rock the mic

dpwh rappers


8.) DPWH Legos – matching hardhats pa

dpwh lego photoshop


7.) What the Matrix really looks like inside

dpwh in the matrix


6.)  DPWH The Simpsons

DWPH The Simpsons


5.) DPWH with the Beatles – John, Paul, George, Ringo +++

dpwh beatles


4.) DPWH UP Cheerdancers – amazing balancing skills

DPWH Cheerdancers

3.) DPWH vs Plants vs Zombies – The inspector in the helmet is harder to kill than the football zombie

DPWH Plants vs Zombies


2.)DPWH Inception – 3 LEVELS of Inspection Mind=OBLITERATED


1.) DPWH inspecting the Last Supper – Amen


and my very own contribution….










Looks Pretty Legit to Me

dpwh legit pictures


DPWH Transformers – “More than Meets the Eye”

Transformers DPWH



Walks on water miracle DPWH

dpwh noobs lol


Isn’t it amazing seeing creative Pinoys doing their own versions of the DPWH fiasco pictures. What’s your favorite picture? Do you have any good ideas that can make a funny DPWH photo? In case you need any graphic design services you can contact me anytime.


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22 Responses to “Top 10 Funniest DPWH Photoshopped Pictures”

  1. phatbebe

    hahaha the relatives of DPWH commented 2 negative ones above hahahah nobody who isnt in any way related to these DPWH corrupt scumbags won’t find this post funny! (i bet even some of their friends and family are laughing behind their backs LOL)!