The 15 Most Popular Dolphin Murals in the Philippines

If you’re from the Philippines there’s a good chance you’ve probably already seen or passed by a wall with colorful psychedelic graffiti of dolphins on them.

This type of dolphin advocacy art was made popular by Filipino artist A.G. Sano. After watching a documentary about dolphin abuse he was inspired to paint 23,000 dolphins as his way of protesting against the violence on these creatures.

AG Sano dolphins murals AG Sano Artist

I’ve compiled 15 of the  most popular Dolphin Murals by A.G. Sano i’ve found online:

1.C-5 highway (middle of island) Pasig – lovely to look at but can be distracting and might cause a vehicular accident one day
dolphin mural C-5 Pasig AG Sano

2. Lasalle Zobel – because rich kids love dolphins too
Lasalle Zobel

3. Bacolod
AG Sano Dolphin Murals Bacolod

4. Mother Ignacia – this is warm and unique in contrast to most of Sano’s work which is in blue/cool color tones.
AG Sano Mother Ignacia Quezon City

5. Subic – My favorite. just looks really rockin’!
AG Sano Subic SFPBZ

6. Don Quentin Paredes Highschool – AG Sano doing dancing the dougie
Dolphin murals AG Sano Don Quentin Paredes Highschool

7. Julia Vargas, Pasig City
The sparkle in the eyes make it look more lifelike
Dolphin murals AG Sano Julia Vargas Pasig City

8. Katipunan, QC
Seeing this will get you pumped before entering the basketball court inside
Dolphin murals AG Sano Katipunan Quezon City

9. Matahimik Street (residential )
I really want something like this in my front gate. Mr. Sano, if you’re reading this can you do this for me?
Matahimik Street QC Dolphin murals AG Sano

10. KTMS Campus
Very lively and vibrant
Dolphin murals AG Sano KTMS Campus

11. R.O.X. Store
The blue and white gives the store such a cool mood. Rox is a truly awesome store. Drop by when you go to BGC.
Dolphin murals AG Sano Rox BGC

12. Tagbak

13. UP Rural
Dolphin murals AG Sano UP rural

14. Philippine Surfers Harold’s Mansion,Dumaguete (thanks to Mr Sano for the correction)

15.  Antipolo
Antipolo Dolphin murals AG Sano

I think this is what art should be best used for.  To promote goodness and send a message in an easy digestible way. We used colors and drawings to learn and communicate as kids and it pretty much transfers to adulthood.

Which design is your favorite? Do you know any other artwork similar to this.

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