Racist Filipino Magazine, Billboard and Ads – OH MY!

It’s alarming how many Filipino racist issues are being reported in the news lately. You can turn on the TV during prime time and watch obvious racist Filipino teleseryes and think nothing of it. I’m not going to give a history lesson or talk in depth about racism. I’ll just point out a few the […]


Joel Cruz – Ang Pinaka-Panget na Babae sa Billboard

(Update on the bottom of post) I told you before in my Bench Uncut Billboard article that I traverse Edsa daily to and from work. Another unique Philippines billboard that caught my attention is the Joel Cruz one below.  I overheard a conversation between two ladies on the bus with one of them saying: “Sya […]


EDSA soon to be renamed “Bench Avenue”

I commute to Makati everyday to going work and enjoy different billboard designs along EDSA which somehow keeps me entertained through the crawling flow of traffic. EDSA is a main artery of traffic in the Philippine capital so its not a surprise that companies advertise aggressively along this slow clogged up path using their own […]