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Pinoy Jewelry beads

Pinoy’s are well know for our ingenuity and designing insignificant things into fine works of art. Something that has caught my attention lately is the popularity of beadwork Jewerly. Sonnet Beads is one of the best I’ve seen yet. Kim Barloso is  designer of Sonnet Beads: handcrafted jewelry. Her motto: “profit is not everything, put heart into your craft.” Her full time job is being a  call center training manager. She admits newly hired trainees can be hard to control sometimes and beading helps keep her sanity in line.

Sonic Beads Bracelet
Unique Filipino Design Jewelry

All beaded jewelry is handcrafted in the Philippines and nothing is mass produced. These beautiful pieces are sure to become treasured heirlooms for years to come. Just one look at her work and you can tell right away they were created with the care and quality. The beads and charms are  imported from around the world.  Kim boasts, ” My jewelry designs are often copied but nothing comes close to the quality I put into making these.”

Kim is also a blogger like me and a somewhat of a poet. Here’s something I’d like to share from her blog.

The Beader Philosophy

A bead is not a work of art on its own. It’s small, of no great value, and insignificant.

But in the hands of a beader, a bead transforms into tangible proof of man’s innate capacity to recreate beauty in any form. Pieces of inanimate objects breathe life and personality when touched by inspired hands that work patiently not just for profit, but mostly for the joy of seeing one’s imagination come to fruition and sharing it with others.

This joy is even multiplied when others begin to share their love for your work. The best reward is not always monetary. It’s when people around you take time to look at what you’ve made, and even if they don’t make it their own, they have made your work immortal in their memories, their hearts and their minds.

Handcrafted Design from the Philippines
Pinoy Jewelry beads

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