Shop Online Philippines – 12 Most Wanted Products

shop online in the philippines

This is a Shop Online Philippines list of the most searched products on Google  ranging from computers, furniture to flowers. Save money and discover the best-value online stores.

Shop Online Philippines – 12 Most Wanted Products

  1. Computers and Laptop
  2. Cell phone and other Gadget
  3. Online Shop with delivery
  4. Camera
  5. Flowers
  6. Clothing
  7. Electronics and Appliances
  8. Group Buying Websites
  9. Baby Store
  10. Online Pet store
  11. Gifts
  12. Grocery, Furniture and Hardware

Shop online Philippines voting criteria

  • SECURITY –  Safety should always come first. Beware of SCAMS!
  • Seller Reputation or Feedback score – the easiest way to know a good seller is to check if their feedback score is high.
  • Price – you’ll find the cheapest to shop online in the Philippines but always consider safety and seller feedback first if you

So without further ado, here is Shop Online Philippines – 12 Most Wanted Products Online

1.Computer and Laptop – shop online Philippines

PC hub
Recommended PC and peripherals shop to buy at the lowest price. I have bought 4 or my past personal computers here
pchub computers
Dynaquest PC
Cheap computer accessories. Excellent customer service. They delivered straight to my doorstep on a holiday, in the middle of A STORM! Now that’s what I call 5 star customer service.

2. Cellphones and other Gadget – shop online Philippines

DB Gadget Hub
+600 positive feedback on tipidpc and more then 250 on sulit, this is the place to get gadgets. Solid reputation at low prices
Good seller feedback record. Trusted all around. Get your gadget fix here.
online gadget store philippines

3. Delivery to Philippines – shop online Philippines
Not all stores deliver. A surprisingly big number of shops require meet-ups and pickups. makes deliveries exceptionally well since it is the sister company of AIR 21 (Fedex). It’s  the  closest thing we have to a US online shopping experience.

  • Ultra-safe credit card transactions, International D&B Trust seal offers topnotch level of security
  • High-quality, unique products; strict filtering of sellers
  • The only Philippines online store with efficient built-in order-triggered shipping system
philippines dun brandstreet shopinas
View Store

4. Cameras – shop online Philippines

DP Online Store
Authorized seller of major camera brands. Guaranteed items with warranty. Well-known with enthusiast. I browse here for hours-and -hours wishing I could buy everything.
fotohub dponline

Filters Exchange
For the hard core shutterbug. Widest collection of camera accessories and doodads at the most affordable price
filters exchange

5. Florist and Flowers – shop online Philippines

Island Rose
Nicest looking selection of flowers
island rose
Flowers Express
a partner of LBC padala

Flowers Express

6. Clothing – shop online Philippines
Very popular Online fashion dress boutique store
Members invitation only website. Lucky members get up to 70% discount on designer brands

7. Appliances and Electronics – shop online Philippines

Remal Sale
Bargain LCD TV’s and other electronics. And with a kickass tagline, “A lasting business is built on friendship”, how can you not love this store, right?
electronics store philipines online
Season Air
Cheap aircon specialist with installation service. Beein business since 1976 so that means they know what they’re doing.
aircon seasonaire

8. Group Buying Websites – shop online Philippines

Oh boy. don’t even get me started with these online group websites. Here, you’ll most likely get the biggest discounts.  I’ve had yummy 50% off steak at Alfredos, Martial arts training and Sofitel spirals smorgasborg thanks to the following:

Beeconomic – Groupon in the Philippines
Dealgrocer – classy exclusive shopping site
Cash Cash Pinoy – Philippines flavor social shopping
cash cash pinoy
Ensogo – gives biggest discount among the group sites
ensogo philippines

9. Online Baby Store – shop online Philippines

Bumblebee & Company  – The ultimate source for baby and kids costumes
baby online store philippines
Indigo Baby store – baby clothes and supplies
indigo online baby store philippines
Not only does it sound like scooby-dooby-doo and yaba-dabadoo, they sell the cutest baby clothes ever!
Online baby store philippines

10. Pet supplies – shop online Philippines

Philippines Online Pet store  Pet care, shampoo  soap for your furry friends
Online pet store philippines
Pet Shop
Affordable dotg raining DVD’s hard-to-find books
Pet Shop

11. Gifts – shop online Philippines

Philippines Gift Box
Send a gift to anyone Philippines. Express thoughtfulness and generosity by sending simple tokens and gestures to the special person in your life.

12. Grocery, Furniture, and  Hardware – shop online Philippines

Philippines grocery online. The least website I’d probably use. I love going to the supermarket myself , walking down the aisles and slowly scanning the yummy treats and goodies.
Online Grocery in Philippines
Online Furniture store Philippines
SCBC makes custom furniture delivered at your doorstep. Good reputation as seller in with almost 100 positive feedback and 900 facebook page likes.
online furniture shop
I’m not sure if this store is any good but it’s the best I could find for hardware and construction supplies. Post a comment if you have had experience with them.
online hardware store phiippines


What are YOUR favorite shop online Philippines stores? Spread the love and share the ones you’ve had exceptionally good experience with. Reply in the comment box below.

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