Racist Filipino Magazine, Billboard and Ads – OH MY!


It’s alarming how many Filipino racist issues are being reported in the news lately. You can turn on the TV during prime time and watch obvious racist Filipino teleseryes and think nothing of it.

blackface philippines

I’m not going to give a history lesson or talk in depth about racism. I’ll just point out a few the most recent Filipino racist ads and in Philippine media that caught my attention.

Bayo Racist Ads – 100% Phail

I wasn’t able to see the Bayo billboards personally but when I saw the photo in Facebook, I thought it was a fake – some funny internet joke making fun of mestizas. Then I saw it in the evening news and I was like, NO WAYYY! Who in their right mind would seriously launch a marketing campaign focusing on a persons RACE.

LOL - Filipino racist ads go viral

Whoever came up with this idea needs to get an MRI or something, ASAP. The company realized their mistake and took quick action. Kudos to Bayo for recognizing their folly and asking for a public apology *clap clap clap*(please fire your marketing team).

Racist Filipino Magazine

filipino racist magazine

This was the first time that racism in Philippine media really caught my attention. If it wasn’t for outcries from news agencies from other countries, we could’ve  gotten away with it too. Like, wow – criticized on BBC, Telegraph, NYTimes for a Filipino racist magazine.

bela padilla meme
Funny Bela Padilla Meme

This should already have already been a wake up call but NOOOO. It seems like advertisers and media want to replicate the attention and scandal. We sure did get a lot of flack from this magazine issue.

Filipino Racist TV Show – Luna Blanca / GMA 7

Something is definitely WRONG with this picture. It really bothers me because it’s a prime time TV show starring – KIDS. W-T-F?! Okay, okay, so my source tells me the black face girl is half Kapre. So who says Kapre’s can’t be awesome? There was also another teleserye similar to this called Nita Negrita on the same TV network.

Why so black?
A Filipina from Tumbler quoted:
I saw the billboard last night ofLuna Blanca in the GMA MRT station, and it disgusted me. I don’t even have to know the plot of this new GMA show to see how blatantly racist it is. If casting a Filipina-Canadian actress who’s light-skinned as a black character isn’t racist, I don’t know what is, considering the discrimination against Filipino Negritos here and the lack of Filipino Negrito actors and actresses in Philippine media. If you want a dark-skinned character, give the role to a dark-skinned actress. – Feminism for a Filipina


Dear GMA 7, *DING – DONG*!!! Anybody home?

I’m really disappointed with my favorite local  TV network. They used to take pride in producing exceptionally high-quality programming. I don’t care if the characters are half-tikbalang, kapre, hello kitty – these shows are junk and it teaches children to discriminate skin color and race.

Racist Filipino Billboard – Executive Optical

filipino racist billboard executive optical

So, you’re a loser when you pick the guy with dark skin?? W-T-F

This is what really motivated me to write this post. I really was a big fan of EO billboard ad campaigns. If you’re not familiar with their style if advertising they come up with funny situations of impaired vision and shoot with high quality photography.  I always compliment their displays whenever I pass by one of their billboards. It just breaks my heart to see one of my favorite creative companies stoop down to this level. *SOB*

It looks like Philippine media is heading back to the medieval age. In progressive nations, people go to jail for stunts like this.  Don’t the writers and advertisers realize that so many people have cried, fought and died to end racial discrimination throughout the world and history. It sucks to see it blatantly being practiced right in my back yard. I’m dumbfounded how is this is still happening in this modern age.

There must be a good reason racism is accepted in Philippine media. These are the closest reasons I could come up with so please vote.

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23 Responses to “Racist Filipino Magazine, Billboard and Ads – OH MY!”

  1. Please sign my petition. In the Philippines there are millions of darker skin people in fact the native are black. They put these shows like Luna Blanca to make filipinos dread the idea of getting darker this way they can sell more adds space for skin whitening products. In Nita Negrita, they said the girl was darker because her mother mating with an african American they painted the baby and later the girl with black paint. This is not right on any levels, it is completely racism at is best. http://www.change.org/petitions/gma-stop-insulting-darker-people-with-racist-black-face-shows

  2. Darkman

    Arrghhh buti sana kung dark skinned na talaga yung kid actors to begin with. Talagang kailangan pa pinturahan?!?! Bakit di nalang kumuha ng darkskinned talagla ng actor??

    What an insult…

  3. Bayo ads: NOT RACISM. Its aim is to tell people that mixing other race can produce a good looking child. I didn’t see that it tells us that PURE FILIPINO PEOPLE ARE UGLY.

    FHM Cover: I agree with that.

    GMA Shows: NOT RACISM. I guess you should watch the show before complaining. The lesson in the said shows is that just because you are black, doesn’t mean your not normal and should be treated like another creature or something. As a matter of fact, the show’s Protagonist are the black ones.

    EO ad: NOT RACISM NEITHER. But offensive rather.

    Racism, also called racialism, is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect the racial worldview: the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”.

    Please make sure you know what “RACIST” means before making opinions like these. Thank you! :)

    • You are joking.

      According to Oxford Dictionary racism is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

      Bayo ads- It is telling viewers that mixing creates attractive children and that being full Filipino is (as you can obviously see, mixed is seen as superior in comparison to someone who is full) not as attractive.

      FHM- thank you for agreeing.

      GMA Shows- Is racist. The fact that they casted a non Negrito to play one is racist. The premise of the show sounds like it might have potential but they need to make sure that their characters are being represented by the people they are trying to portray. That is like saying someone who is white with taped lids to make them slanted is not racist. Please.

      EO ad- Again, we are presented with an idea that one skin color is superior to the other. RACISM.

      As someone who studies diversity and racism at a university level I ask YOU to please know what “racist” means before making opinions like these. Thanks.

  4. Cid Reyes

    Hi Design Pinoy,

    I write a column for Adobo Magazine called “The Bigger Picture”. The forthcoming issue will feature the subject of racism in advertising both local and global.

    As I find your article nailing the subject, may I kindly reprint it in full within my column?
    We will give DesignPinoy complete credit.

    The issue will be released mid-September. I would gladly send you a copy. :)

    Advanced thanks,

    Cid Reyes

  5. Eric Katz

    I love the Philippines and Filipino people, but as a Black man, am completely astounded at the amount of reverence that is accorded the color White in that country – and by extension, the amount of derision directed at what is Black or dark. My wife is Filipina, and when we got married almost 20 years ago in Montreal, it used to be extremely common to hear crazy comments, mostly from older Filipino and Black people about our relationship. Today, with young people here mixing freely in schools and social activities, race is almost a non-issue, except among those who decide they must insult others to make their miserable lives seem less so.

    I was therefore completely shocked when I saw that show Nita Negrita on TV a couple of years ago. Living in the barrio (as opposed to the sheltered lives ex-pats tend to live in the bar areas) as we have been doing for the last 10 years, I have gotten to be friends with almost everyone, even as they sometimes make what they think are funny comments. I generally ignore such comments as they are based on ignorance, and in the case of children, genuine curiosity. However, to see what is a major TV network going all out and broadcasting such nonsense, effectively taking the Philippines back almost 100 years, is truly bewildering. In our barrio, I’m no saint, but perhaps because of my outsider’s eye, see many easy solutions to problems that seem to perpetually plague people, and wonder what a much better world it would be if those TV stations would allocate even just a few minutes a day (with their captive audiences) giving simple good living tips rather than bombarding people with endless ads to apply poisons to their skin to make it better.

    The Philippines can do and be a lot better. My entourage around here in Montreal consists mostly of Filipinos, ranging from maids to doctors, and two things I find they all share are compassion and empathy. That Filipinos in the Philippines, where these people actually got their lives started, can be encouraged to feel that it is OK to insult and deride others without a thought to their feelings is disappointing, to say the least. When we are discussing the Philippines here, one of the laughable things we mention is the fact that when Balikbayans (from very cold countries no less) go back to visit the Old country, it is shocking how even the Pinoy kids born here have that natural brown color which IMHO makes Pinoys truly attractive. Indeed it is extremely rare to see any Pinoys here in Canada or the USA using those poison-filled whiteners as they are too busy taking care of real life and being told how beautiful their natural color is :)

    I have nothing against White people, and live, work, and even dated some in a previous life, but feeling so inferior that you feel you need to look like somebody else to be beautiful is just sad. I mean, white skin looks great – on White people. On Brown people, it just looks, pardon my Spanish, ugly!

  6. I’m black. And from Africa. My family and myself we arrived in Manila in March 2012. We live in Makati. Upon our arrival, we were thinking that the next three years of my contract in Manila will be very nice. But very soon we had to change our mind. Filipinos are probably a very nice people, but the media in this country are probably more racist than the ones we experienced elsewhere in our expatriate lives. Between silly tv series depicting blacks as savages, the imbeciles advertisements extolling alleged virtues of white skin, and dubious jokesfrom tv presenters on everything related to dark skin, this country has come to disgust us. If added to that unhealthy curiosity that people in the streets who come up touching my daughter curly hair… My wife and I are shocked. We still do not understand why that people who have suffered so much discrimination and racism from Spaniards, Americans or Japaneses is showing as racist and so complexed with white skin.

      • Media is showing what people want to see! And filipinos want to see foreigners and white skin. And they are horrified of getting too dark in the sun. Media just picks that up and makes stuff like nita negrita. Its really a cultural think. its not the media. its also educational. SAME FOR THIS: Why are all white people called americano?? we are caucasian! Everytime I explain this to some filipino calling me americano, they look at me like: What are you talking about? You are americano even if you are from Europe. (and your name is “Joe”, of course!)

        • Katipunero

          Daniel, you really should stop generalazing.
          1. Not all filipinos want white skin
          2.Media is full of crap, and it’s not a “cultural think” but rather “cultural terrorism”.
          3. They call you americano? You must be talking to the wrong people (or probably talking about coffee)
          Get your facts straight before you say anything.

  7. Watched “THE HELP” movie last night and I think this will help us understand that racism is wrong. This kind of portraying black skin are just a campaigns and ideas that come out and literally producers, buyers, seller, manufacturers, users, dealers etc., of any whitening products such as pills, injectables, soaps, lotions, that helps skin lighter and white were really supporting it. What do you think?

  8. FIRST OF ALL: The Racist Filipino Billboard – Executive Optical – ITS NOT RACIST! -You should have you eyes checked because the dark guy is the attractive one. He got glasses and gave flowers to the girl. The white guy is the looser because he did not get his eyes checked and – almost blind – holds a cauliflower in his hand instead of flowers. SO! I hope you understand the billboard now. and about the Nita Negrita thing. I think its just playing with the deep fear of every filipino of getting too dark. Its almost like a horror movie for filipinos hehe. I don`t know why filipinos can not accept they natural skin and constantly trying to become lighter. Maybe a lack of self esteem? on the other hand, i always hear ” proud to be filipino” – so, the genetics for darker skin is not included in being true filipino. being mixed with other genetics makes better filipinos? wiht lighte skin and longer nose. Come on guys! Be what you are. Be proud of filipino skin and filipino noses. Yeah! By the way, I am a german married to a wonderfully dark skinned filipina. Oh and something else – I hate being so white living here in Philippines.. I get sun burn in no time…

  9. jeremejazz

    a very informative article pointing out the racism in Philippine media. Yeah Filipinos make racism part of entertainment and fun. Like portraying as someone from Middle East, or as someone black. Even bubble gang makes fun of it. But I guess those in the media are just reflections of the society. Although what they are doing only makes things worse especially to the effects to children.

  10. ha! typical Filipino advertisers. they put Caucasian people on a pedestal.

    look at billboards / posters that are selling houses/condos.

    notice that the model “families” are caucasian.

    they want you to associate “caucasian” with “quality”.

    colonial mentality at its best.

  11. Wow. I never really knew how rampant racism is until now. I guess that I’m a wee bit calloused about the big R in my surroundings because I’m most of the time preoccupied with other things. But there is one thing that I have long noticed: Colonial mentality.

    It is true that people take advantage of this, and boy, quite an advantage they have. Because of this wicked way of earning dough, many of us are forgetting the beauty of our true color. It’s just so sad that people are risking their own life and money so that they could attain a lighter complexion. I am not saying mean things about Caucasians, alright? What I hate is that want is driving people over the bend. They forget where they come from and the more important things in life than just appearance that is being manipulated by the judgments and peripheral opinions of society. Do we really strive to live just to please others? For me, that’s a big NO-NO!