Pinoy Wins Olympic Coin Design Contest

Enriquez picked wrestling

Filipino Graphic designer Roderick Enriquez won a special contest by the Royal mint for a wrestling themed coin. Three million of these will be minted on the 50 pence for the 2012 Olympics and paralympics that will be held in London.

Enriquez submitted 4 entries but the winner was the wrestling which is one of the oldest and most distinguished sports associated with both the modern and ancient Olympic Games. He is also willing to do work on the Philippines tourism campaign logo for  free, God bless his soul.

There were  more than 300,000 entries in the contest but only a few have the honor of seeing their design in money. Other winning entries that make up the coins’ new look show a series of sports including swimming, boxing, gymnastics, boccia and goalball. The winners came from all walks of life and were mostly Brits.

Other winners

The design, which reminds me of the 2 peso Philippine coin,  is very clean and simple. It will look good even after 2000 years.

Enriquez was quoted in the Fulham Chronicle , “I simply cannot believe it, and I am so delighted to have won.” He added that he is pleased that the Olympic committee chose a design by a Filipino-British national. “London 2012 is hosted by people with many cultural backgrounds.”

What is your opinion on the design?

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