Pinoy Ice Scramble without the Hepatitis

Scramble wars
ice scramble
Before there there were pearl shakes and Starbucks Mochafraps, one iced beverage ruled the manila streets – “Iskrambol”. Ice scramble is back with a vengeance. Just go to your favorite mall and you should be able to find an ice scramble food stall. Now you can drink to your hearts desire without worrying about acquiring a viral disease popularly acquired from unsanitary street food conditions.

This cool drink sells nostalgia more than anything else. I bet your first impulse will be “Oh it brings back the memories, i used to buy that without my mom knowing.” Hey, everybody loves scramble. What’s not to love? It’s pink, it’s cold, it’s sweet and it’s cheap. Enjoy your favorite 80’s iced treat without the hepatitis B. I suggest you try the classic add-ons to begin with which are milk powder and chocolate syrup.

I have been able to try Scramble Manila (Robinsons Galleria) and Buzzbox (MOA) and I liked scramble manila better. It’s more “malinamnaman” and the design of the cart is more web 2.0. They also have a facebook fan page sign. Using social media for promotion will give them an edge.

Scramble facebook

Not as Sosyal as you think

Wait! If you think this icey treat is for those sosyalistas who want to slum with us jejemons, it simply ain’t true. Don’t let the fancy graphics and small army of employees fool you. The price of these cool treats are surprisingly cheapo. P7, P10, P17 pesos and P3 pesos for each additional add-on. Major iced beverage players Zagu and Quickly are more than double and even triple than the cost. San ka pa, diba? The quality of the ingredients is great too.

scramble stalls malls philippines

Store Design

One big reason, if not the biggest reason, for the success of these ice scramble stores is the design of the food carts. The branding, design and marketing of the scramble stalls were extremely well thought out and very creative. One thing in common is colorful designs, simple shapes and fun typography. Whoever thought of the design template for the stalls is a genius. My vote again goes to Manila for it’s friendly and fun design.

Scramble Manila
Scramble Stall Design

Is this a fad? What are your experiences with the return of ice scramble? Post your comments below.


Photos from Blowing kisses

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  1. Sadly but in all factuality, Icebreaker Scrambles is the first & original to ‘commercialize’ Ice Scrambles. They also have the most number of branches, both in quantity & quality of branches. Its quite a shame to put “ORIGINAL” on Manila Scramble’s logo as obviously, there is no non-original ice scramble… its all the same. Get the point?

    If there is one company that has the pride to put “original” (meaning the first to do the business in malls & commercialization) It is Icebreaker.

    For a fact, they are all quite pathetic because they all copied IB’s price point & merchandising style… use of coleman/rubbermaid, toppings, cup styles are just a few of the “xerox-ed” concepts.

    Now who is original, and lets be honest?

  2. what’s the big fuss over the “original” caption? It’s not like a certain company has the original idea/concept/recipe of “iskrambol”. I mean ice scramble started way too back. Anyone can use it I guess unless the inventor’s family is still alive and wants lawsuit against those ice scramble carts.

    Let’s put it this way.
    A jap fastfood opens up in the metro. another one pops up and then another and then another and so on.
    Hindi ba pwede mag tayo ng ganung concept yung iba? I mean come on anyone can put up any food business. Lasa na lang at service siguro magkakatalo saka price. hindi din naman kasi maganda kung isa lang diba? hindi magkakaroon ng choice ang tao. nakakawala ng thrill.

  3. Anna G.

    Hi Mr Blogger. Nice photos! I tried all these scramble stores, Since I am a fan of street foods and cheap foodies. Oh yes Icebreaker is the first butBuzzbox has the fanciest signage among the three But the best tasting scramble for me would be Manila Scramble, ang bango pa ng scramble ng The Original Manila Scramble. Do you have an idea ano nilagay nilang flavoring dun?

  4. Hello Design Pinoy Admin,

    I’m from Icebreaker. Thanks for the blog! Just to give you more input on this blog, ice scrambles traced back from its origin in Iloilo :-)Ang galing ng mga ilonggo!

    Yes you were right, part of the marketing is the branding. When Icebreaker started 2007 in Malabon Citisquare (the we retained the original cart for sentimental reasons) our cart wasnt like the one we have recently (like in SM Tarlac, Lucena, Naga and Clark and Bacoor) it was a series of transformation… when we made our debut at SM malls 2009 in SM fairview, we made some improvements to it, then changes again, then revisions… the cart design we have for now is I think the 7th edition :-)

    Icebreaker though claims “Original” because IB is the first who introduced the street scrambles to big shopping malls. I felt a bit gutted when scramblemania copied almost everything: prices 7 10 17, rubbermaid 34 quarts, cart layout (the tower type to house the ice grinder), the plastic cups, the paper cups etc. Buyers get confused, they thought its icebreaker, hindi pala. For customers, hindi siguro ganung kaimportante, but for me – napaka importante ng branding and imaging. :-)Ngayon nagrarambol na yung mga iskrambulan :-)

    For your question, is it a fad? As long as there is peter pan’s dreams in us, Icebreaker will always be here.

    Thank you very much!

  5. what’s the big fuss over the “original” caption? It’s not like a certain company has the original idea/concept/recipe of “iskrambol”. I mean ice scramble started way too back.

    – There is no non-original scramble, so arguing on who was the original on the food itself is out of the topic. There is only one scramble food. So when you call yours original, there is a genuine/authenticity involved. Certainly, the original tag pertains to something else, obviously not pertaining to the product itself. There goes the dilemma. Now do you get me?

    Let’s put it this way.
    A jap fastfood opens up in the metro. another one pops up and then another and then another and so on.
    Hindi ba pwede mag tayo ng ganung concept yung iba? I mean come on anyone can put up any food business.

    – There is no law that prohibits anyone not to put up a food business, so you can put up a biz anytime. Concept is different from product. Anyone can put up a store and sell any product. Pwede sila magtayo ng store na nagbebenta ng ganoong product. Pero concept, have you ever heard of creativity & how it goes along with concepts? Concepts are born out in the mind not made up with materials/ingredients.

    Icebreaker’s Concept:

    1.) Sell at 7-10-17 price point.
    2.) Use 3 cups, the large one being special.
    3.) Use a coleman/rubbermaid instead of balde, still getting close as far as possible to maintain nostalgia.
    4.) Put the coleman in front of the cart and serve it in front of the customers. Nostalgia of what was done on streets, only modified with creativity.
    5.) Concept of adding toppings to scrambles (crispies, mallows etc)
    6.) The overall cart look.

    All those 6 are well thought of concepts. Now you are telling me what is wrong is somebody puts up the same “concept”? more specifically one’s own brainchild concept??

    What you were thinking maybe was, “what is wrong in putting up a store with the same product?” If you’ve encountered the word ‘plagiarism’ maybe you’ll be more critical about concepts.

    Lasa na lang at service siguro magkakatalo saka price. hindi din naman kasi maganda kung isa lang diba? hindi magkakaroon ng choice ang tao. nakakawala ng thrill.

    – Monopoly is a very evil entity. It is bad in the realm of business. We are a free country. Everyone has a right to enter any business competition. Competition is proven to be healthy in all businesses. But competing is different from copying.

    **Competitors would always strive to one-up the rest of their competition. Beat them into something… then into the overall aspect. But is is such a shame and quite pathetic to BLATANTLY COPY or should I say PHOTOCOPY your competitor in order to ride-on to the his concept’s fame along with spawning CONFUSION among masses that YOU & THEY are the same.

    Lastly, I did not say its illegal to copy the concept/what they did was illegal or wrong. It is pathetic & shameful.

  6. If a businessman has a sense of pride, professionalism & excellence or even just a shade of creativity & skill. He would enter the competition with a new or modified set of tools wherein he can show how he/she is better than the competition. He does not “pretend” to be his leading competitor and confuse people that he is related to the supposed competitor. He bests him in all aspects of the business using his own ideas, rather than hide under the skirt of another’s work & fame.


  7. Roselle Bacong

    i want to have franchise of pinoy ice scramble. please send me a feedback how to make a franchise of that bzness. again please send me the requirements or data or how will go to your main branch for making a franchising. thank you and God bless

  8. nostalgic

    i feel so nostalgic… about 5 pesos per cup yata yan sa tapat ng school namin dati (20 years ago!!)(with free hepa! hehe!), then add ako kay manong ng 2 pesos for additional klim (skim milk) hehehe! hangang dun lang ang budget ko… how i got too frustrated everytime… sobrang bitin sa klim!!! now that i make a living for myself, i can afford na to add 20 pesos for the additional klim… ang feeling ko ang yaman yaman ko!! haha!

  9. Well, original or not… illegal or not… leave it to the public’s judgement. What’s important here is that end-users should benefit from the good taste… let them have the choice. As for the entrepreneur, its no good if its not for franchise, why not just copy it, or improve it more if you can’t franchise it? right?

  10. Of course its on the hands of the public. I mean, isn’t it obvious that the public decides on this? Who were you thinking that’s going to judge on it? The moon and the stars?

    What I’m trying to stress is that those judges (the public) should at least know stuffs. Because most of the public have a discerning mind and rational mind that knows how to appreciate the pioneers and the minds behind what EVERYONE sees today. Most hand their support to those who worked and thought hard of this ice scramble commercialization concept (the 6 concepts mentioned above) over those who just copied and photocopied the hard-earned concept of the pioneer.

    So there is nothing wrong of STATING FACTS about things. People indeed should be the judges at the end of the day…. but the companies involved has all the right in the world to disseminate FACTUAL information. Because by doing that, the company may at least sway a few people upon believing that what they thought to be the pioneers/original was not original after all. Just inform them of facts. And there is, again, nothing wrong with that.

    I agree on your latter statement. If the company is not open for franchise, then why not improve on it or innovate on what is on the status quo….

    Sadly, most of the companies today have no difference with pirates of media/movies. They copied the overall look of the one who was established and has a great following…. and confuse people that they are somewhat related.

    It is really not a debate on who is original or not, on who tastes better etc…

    I hope you get my point.

  11. i really love ice scramble with chocolate & starwberry syrup also the powder milk thats why i want to franchise this. please email me your complete details to franchise this product thanks

  12. samantha lopez

    hello i’m interested of franchising a ice cramble? how much is the franchise fee for manila ice cramble or buzzbox? and do you assist for location? i would like to put it sa malls. sana….hoping for your positive reply i’m very interested of starting this kind of business… thank you -sam lopez email:

  13. Bumberopinoy

    Have tried the pinoy scramble at a food show, I picked this bec of the big booth and attractive design, with mascot pa! And I thought siguro mas credible naman ito kasi they spent big bucks to promote their product. My hunch was right, they spent big bucks bec they earn much more. After tasting it, I noticed that it had an aftertaste, while it tasted good at first, there was a lingering aftertaste that stayed in my mouth for hours. While perusing the other booths, I noticed some booths selling ice scramble mixes and I saw that they were selling it very cheap per kilo, they can make a whole tub of ice scramble. I alo noticed that the main ingredients were acesulfame-k and phenylketonurics. For those not in the know, these are artificial sweeteners, which when taken regularly has long term side effects, unlike sugar which is a natural sweetener. Albeit these chemicals are BFAD approved, they don’t warn us about the harmful effects these artificial sweeteners have. These are like MAGIC SUGAR, that is being used by the ambulant vendors to sweeten their sago’t gulaman. May I also mention that the iced tea and the gulaman mixes that are sold to the MASA, are now using artificial sweeteneres instead of natural sufar bec of the high cost ot it. So. BUYER BEWARE, should be the norm for diners looking for cheap foods.

  14. imsopretty

    i want to be the boss of my own company kaya im gonna put up the same biz with the same concept hehe. naispired ako kakakain ng scramble sa mall ng robinson at sm……. infact inuumpisahan ko na planuhin lahat…. sana ill be successful as ib and ms……. good luck satin lahat!

  15. makeyourown

    you can easily make your own concept and make a better business model.

    think of a way to make the current system better. ang dumi tingnan nung nasa coleman tapos scoop ng scoop dun sa loob. pawis, laway, and all those nasty stuff can go inside that big container.

    not to mention the ingredients. magic sugar, china milk with formalin ba yun? can’t remember …

  16. yeah, really inspiring to see people succeed in business using their creativiity and willingness to pursue their dreams

    – unfortunately sir, the inspiration dies a pitiful death one day due to how the “Filipino Business Attitude” of copying and pretending to be related to the former kills the success of the pioneer. The memoirs of the accomplishment stays forever but the results get plowed into bankruptcy or business concept fade.

    Ask Zagu or any Filipino scientist… or improving the country’s IP/patent/concept protection somebody?

  17. caroline zaragoza

    hello, my family is very curious about your product, we really want to have a franchise of it…..please email me all the details about ur stuff… much will it cost?…thanks so much!!!

  18. @positive-bouy

    Out of the topic, out of the topic and OUT of the topic – on the issue of making a living.

    You want to argue on the topic, focus on the topic and rebut against my arguments. People find it so hard to rebut on a rational way if they get to be proven wrong and respond on a mellow-dramatic and emotional way.

    Is the topic here about the country’s socio-economic status and people’s livelihood means? This is an issue of business science and overall social attitude of businesses in the country that I tried to raise.

    Maybe what I said caused so much pain despite being true and proper that people who are in denial resort to off topic emotional and sentimental rebuttals.

    Its not a question of positivity or negativity S.I.R., its whether the argument here is TRUE or WRONG.

    • APB lets just say I am the original founder of a business and I made the business successful you see me,admire me and everything..then at the back of your mind you have an idea to make the business boom and make it more prosperous or successful…answer me honestly wouldnt you want to copy or at least immitate what i created as an original? lets be honest to ourselves… I personally look at your point of view and I respect everything you had in mind but always remember that is life…life can never be fair… I also believe in positive buoy everyone surely wanted to make a cheer up bro always remember life is unfair and it would never be fair..

      • anonymouz =)

        uu naman.. kokopya ako pero, hndi naman lahat db? and, if for exmple your the original and i copied you, making me look almost exactly like your business (the containers, pricing, cooler…) what would you feel? have u been in IB’s shoes? advice lang, never give your opinion esp if you’ve never been in the situation. i like manila scrmble dahil un ang malapit sa amin, pero, disappointed ako to see that they copied a lot from IB. good for them, hndi na sila gumamit ng brain cells to think, nanggaya na lang sila.. husay!

  19. @APB-Wala kang magawa noh?Wag mong pagpraktisan ang blog na ito, kung gusto mo maging lawyer.haha. Sory but all the blogger wanted to know is who is the best tasting scramble in town.Agree?=)

  20. Look, the original ice scramble are the ones from the street vendors way back. Pinaganda lang ni Icebreaker. Now if the others followed, sorry, that’s business. Don’t stop on thinking for better strategies na lang. Besides, there’s no law regarding this so it’s not illegal.

  21. APB is the owner of icebreaker.. pagbigyan na natin. and yes, you are the original in terms of glorification of the product by putting them inside malls.. nothing more. but in terms of origin, hindi ikaw yun kasi 2007 ka lang diba? decades na ang scramble so stop messing around here and mind your own business. baka ikaw din yung nireport ko sa sulit na very annoying nambababoy ng ads ng ibang scramble sellers claiming you are the “original” lahat na lang ng makita mong post ng scramble doon, kinokontra mo. kapal ng mukha.

      • there is a trend: the way he haughtily claims he’s the “original”, the rudeness he has shown by belittling the others who are legitimately doing their scramble businesses online and the way he glorifies “icebreaker” would common sensibly tell you that he is indeed the owner. you will not be as fanatic as PBA if you were not the owner Ganda.. unless you are so addictive of the concoction you substitute rice consumption for it.. or perhaps you are his wife or daughter and this is in defense of him. anyway, i reported him sa because he was posting to every single advertisement of his competitors with all his pathetic rants. the guy was a total nuisance. i do not own a scramble business; it just pisses me off seeing him throw dirt to other scramble dealers. and yah, shamefully he was forced to delete all of his useless posts and i think he’s not active anymore. poor guy. see what little success does to you?

  22. i’ve tried all those three stores & I can say ICEBREAKER is the most delicious, unlike the other 2 w/ not so grinded ice..but over all, Pinoy Scramble is the best! tinalo n ang ICE MONSTERS! hehe

  23. yes it doesn’t matter kung sino nauna, what matter is they’re here, it’s just a matter of choice kung alin ang mas gusto mo . . . . as for me the one in SM sucat is the best!

  24. I am interested to get a franchise please send me a complete details about this business in my email add i really appreciate your immediate action regarding this matter thank you very much.

  25. CrazyLykU

    teh, i like manila scrambles.. pero, business libel ang ginagawa mo.. pag nabasa nila comment mo, puedeng puede ka nilang i-sue ugok ka.. tanga tanga mo teh.. basahin mo maigi ung history ng IB… they emphasized/cleared that they are the “original” in terms of introducing ice scramble in the malls.. gets mo? bitter ka lang yata dahil hndi ka makabili.. treat kita teh… insekyorang palaka ka! kapal din ng mukha mo noh!

  26. Hi! Am interested of franchising The Original Scamble Pinoy. Can you give me your contact #. And what are all the requirements and how much will it cost for the capital?? Please reply asap! Thank you.

  27. Roel L. Guiritan

    Is this the same Pinoy Ice Scramble found at different SM mall? We are interested to franchise this kind of product but the problem is we cannot find the real one in the internet same as we found at the SM mall. Can you send me the logo of the product and your contact number please…Thank you in advance.


  28. hi im from iloilo and its good to hear that ice scramble started here pala.=)im looking for supplier ng ice scramble ingredients..with low shipment cost din sana that would take atleast 3 days lang..thank you..

  29. Dr. Anonymous

    Good info. However, I’ve noticed that you wrote …without the Hepatitis B. For information purposes, it is accurate to say Hepatitis A, because the virus can be contracted via oral-fecal route (through contaminated food and water). Hepatitis is blood borne (blood transfusion, contaminated needles…)

    BTW, I am a fan of Icebreaker, i think the best of the lot.

  30. ano bang nilalagay na klase ng food coloring sa scramble? yung iba parang pink na anong flavoring yang nilalagay nila? banana syrup? parang ang bango talaga..thanks

  31. you don’t need to franchise a scramble business. all you need to do is to look for suppliers. test taste all before deciding which one to carry. scramble king would tell you to pay them 50k for their bulilit cart without initial inventory and icebreaker so costly.

    you can start the business with just 20k with complete one month inventory and equipments.

    here is the computation:
    Coleman cooler: 2500
    Hand mixer: 800
    Ice crusher: 2000
    Ice scramble premix: 4000 (31 kilos)
    Toppings: 750 (5 types)
    Milk powder: 200 (1 kilo)
    Chocolate syrup: 600 (1 gallon)
    Canisters: 250
    Cups and Spoon 500
    Tarpaulin: 300
    TOTAL: 11,900

    Go work on your business permit and a basic cart made by a skillful carpenter and you wont go over 20k.

  32. John Christian

    Hey! I’m an ilonggo!
    My late lolo used to make us the original ilonggo ice cramble…
    but gone were those days…

    So to Icebreaker or whoever there responsible of putting it on you say “the market”… please don’t quarrel to determine whose to be declared the “original one…” ‘coz none of you has the right to be declared so!!!!!

    If my lolo could have patented it before, i would first be the one to sue all of you!!!!
    HAHA…. (joke!) So please don’t quarrel over it…. OK? Don’t sell your souls to none sense….. Kuha nyo?


  33. Lelanie Combate

    i have started ice scramble business for 1 month now. unfortunately, i always run out of stocks…….i wanted to direct my orders to you but i dont know how…….please help me…….. thanks