Pinoy Ice Scramble without the Hepatitis

ice scramble
Before there there were pearl shakes and Starbucks Mochafraps, one iced beverage ruled the manila streets – “Iskrambol”. Ice scramble is back with a vengeance. Just go to your favorite mall and you should be able to find an ice scramble food stall. Now you can drink to your hearts desire without worrying about acquiring a viral disease popularly acquired from unsanitary street food conditions.

This cool drink sells nostalgia more than anything else. I bet your first impulse will be “Oh it brings back the memories, i used to buy that without my mom knowing.” Hey, everybody loves scramble. What’s not to love? It’s pink, it’s cold, it’s sweet and it’s cheap. Enjoy your favorite 80’s iced treat without the hepatitis B. I suggest you try the classic add-ons to begin with which are milk powder and chocolate syrup.

I have been able to try Scramble Manila (Robinsons Galleria) and Buzzbox (MOA) and I liked scramble manila better. It’s more “malinamnaman” and the design of the cart is more web 2.0. They also have a facebook fan page sign. Using social media for promotion will give them an edge.

Scramble facebook

Not as Sosyal as you think

Wait! If you think this icey treat is for those sosyalistas who want to slum with us jejemons, it simply ain’t true. Don’t let the fancy graphics and small army of employees fool you. The price of these cool treats are surprisingly cheapo. P7, P10, P17 pesos and P3 pesos for each additional add-on. Major iced beverage players Zagu and Quickly are more than double and even triple than the cost. San ka pa, diba? The quality of the ingredients is great too.

scramble stalls malls philippines

Store Design

One big reason, if not the biggest reason, for the success of these ice scramble stores is the design of the food carts. The branding, design and marketing of the scramble stalls were extremely well thought out and very creative. One thing in common is colorful designs, simple shapes and fun typography. Whoever thought of the design template for the stalls is a genius. My vote again goes to Manila for it’s friendly and fun design.

Scramble Manila
Scramble Stall Design

Is this a fad? What are your experiences with the return of ice scramble? Post your comments below.


Photos from Blowing kisses