20 Best Philippines Logo Designs


There are many beautiful Philippines logo designs that we come across everyday and others which have been with us since childhood. I collected the best logos which display excellent design and strong brand recognition. This list showcases a variety of companies ranging from telecoms, clothing to food service.

Logo Design Philippines Top 20

20. When In Manila

What symbolizes Manila better than a jeepney. “Para po sa tabi!”

19. Gonuts Donuts

Crazy donut face FTW!

18. Zagu

A refreshing tapioca pearl beverage or alien escape pod symbol?

17. Sun Cellular

I still like this better than Globe and Smart logos

16. Manny Pacquiao

The best MP Nike logo version.

15. Collezione Philippine Map

Making the Philippine Map as a logo was a stroke of genius. This sort of became the national uniform when newscasters, rescue workers and hipsters started wearing it.

14. MMDA Logo

Bold colors and letters really make this logo stand out. The two shapes under the first letter ‘m’ are suppose to be Manila City Hall and the Rizal Monument (someone please explain how that became the shape of the Rizal monument ). Now if they would just stop the music on their website from automatically playing on load.

13. It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The newest tourism campaign logo is fresh and fun. A viral hit on social media.

12. Mercury Drug

Mercury is a god of travel and trade. This logo design shows elegant details yet simple enough to notice cool details. Check out the winged sandals.

11. Skycable

Crisp and minimalist design creates a very professional and clean logo.

10. Batibot

I feel warm and fuzzy when I look at Batibot.

9. Skyflakes

The Crackers Authority.

8. Magnolia

Magnolia has a retro / mom-and-pop store feel to it. It gives a cozy feeling along with good memories of the ice cream house along Aurora Boulevard.

7. Team Manila

Jose Rizal in Sunglasses – ’nuff said!

6. Red Horse Beer

Strong beer. Strong logo.

5. Datu Puti

Spear and shield makes Datu Puti a winner.

4. Plains and Prints

I’m a big fan of this minimalist design. It also resembles the Flying Spaghetti monster.

3. Meralco

Yes they overcharge our electric bill but you can’t deny they have a logo fit for a superhero costume.

2. Cebu Pacific

Nice curves with a tribal feel to it.

1. Jollibee

Jollibee is without a doubt, the best-of-the-best in Philippine company logos. There’s just something about this insect head in a chef’s hat which makes people happy. Kids recognize this even before letters and numbers.


Seven Iconic Philippine Logos

Some of the most loved classic logo designs.

Philippine Airlines Logo


Classy design utilizing basic shapes.


Because this can’t be a Pinoy logos list without SM.


The quintessential Filipino corn chips

WOW Philippines

The previous tourism campaign logo is still awesome.



National Bookstore

Blue Magic

Admit it. You once gave or received a cheesy blue magic stuffed toy or trinket in your high-school days.

Which are your favorites? Mine is Jollibee and Team Manila because of their cool and fun design. Leave a comment below if I missed any other good ones.

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4 Responses to “20 Best Philippines Logo Designs”

  1. Not sure why you put Batibot in the list. I think it s not a good design. But I totally agree that Jollibee has a very good logo design. I also like the “more fun in the philippines” logo. it very well represents the colorful philippines.

  2. muggerlon

    Goya logo is also one of the best, I hope Philippine Airlines will be more creative sa logo nila, napagiiwanan na ang imaging nila compare sa ibang Airlines sa buong mundo… :-)