Outbreak Manila – Top 5 Zombie Survival Tips

outbreak manila top 5 tips

You must be pretty darn smart for taking interest in this zombie outbreak manila survival guide.  I kid you not,  a zombie Philippines apocalypse is near.

Outbreak Manila – Top 5 Zombie Survival Tips:

Outbreak Manila Tip # 1  The worst ALWAYS happens when you least expect it

Always be alert and be ready for the worst, specially when you feel most relaxed and at ease. Zombies are unpredictable. They may be stalking you right now without your even knowing it. Always thinking one-step ahead is your key to surviving a zombie outbreak Manila.

Tip #2 NO White Knight

You’re not Jesus so don’t try to save everybody. Yes you can try to help people, but if you know there doomed… don’t go and try to make something out of a helpless situation. Your life is worth more than any strangers.  Only try and save people only if you think it’s a hundred percent safe. NO WHITE KNIGHT your job is to live at all cost!

Tip #3 There’s no real protection from zombies

It’s important never to NEVER put your guard down. Try to think of  several bad scenarios that can happen in your present  outbreak Manila  location  and plan an out for each. Walls, doors and fences can always be destroyed if there are enough zombies.

Tip #4 Teamwork vs Zombies

outbreak manila tips

A small zombie outbreak manila squad can destroy an army of mindless zombies with proper training and teamwork. What more if there were more equally skilled people in the group. Develop a solid battle plan and clean out the zombie outbreak manila.

Tip #5 Don’t think, JUST RUN!

Modern day humans have made it a habit to over-think. In the middle of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, a split-second can change everything. Over-analysis does not only lead to mental paralysis – you can lose your life. Nike’s logo is not “JUST THINK IT” but “JUST DO IT, and RUN!!!

Are you prepared for a zombie Philippines apocalypse? Please add your own zombie outbreak manila survival tips below.

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