8 Beautiful Online Shopping Philippines Clothes Websites


Many of the finest Filipino websites come from the online shopping Philippines clothes and fashion industry. It’s not a surprise since Philippine fashion designers are known world-wide for their skill and creativity.

Here is a showcase of the most beautiful online clothes shopping sites in the philippines for inspiration.

8. Maldita

Maldita is an 100% Filipino owned company engaged in fashion retail business with more than 50 stores all over the Philippines and eCommerce ready.

7. Bayo

Bayo reflects a clean, classic image. Bayo caters to women who embody the laid-back, casual lifestyle who have preference for stylish yet classic apparel.  Did you know that “Bayo” is an ilonggo term which means, “dress” in English? (before I wrote this article I thought it meant “bass” like ‘boom the bass’ loud speakers.)

6. Ava

AVA is an online marketplace of well-loved premium brands. With a limited collection of apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, home, art and design objects.

5. Chocolate Clothing

chocolate clothing website philippines

One of the Philippines’ leading one stop boutique, carrying new exciting retail and independent labels online. I personally met the owner of the rest of their marketing team before and all I can say they are the real deal. Passionate in fashion and true pros in their line of business.

4. Chicify

chicify site

An online site for all chic and stylish clothing. Very fun theme and easy to navigate. They offer free gift wrapping and shopping too!

3. Boardwalk Online Store

online shopping philippines clothes

Boardwalk is the best clothing brand for basics, casual and everyday wear clothing. they’re like the Philippine version of GAP or JCrew. Another reason it’s in the top three is because of their mobile website. It’s the only clothing website which had a feature rich mobile version. Check it their store locator and responsive blog. This is cutting edge web design for a Filipino website.

mobile website boardwalk
Boardwalk Mobile Website

2. TheMall.ph

The Mall is owned by stylebible.ph which in itself means they are backed by an authority in fashion. This is a perfect example of what a well balanced online clothes store should look like.

1. Zoo

Zoo Philippines is truly a web design masterpiece. Sleek, elegant and with excellent photography and blend of colors. You’ll surely have a visual feast when you visit this site.

Website Round-up

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These beautiful clothing websites are just the beginning of what Filipino fashion has in store for the world. Support local designers and buy from these online clothes shopping sites.

Share this list to your fashionista friends and turn them into online shopaholics like you!

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