5 Most Useful Mobile Apps in the Philippines


I’m very picky when installing apps on my three year old pass-me-down iPhone 3gs. Too many programs bloat the system and can really cause it to slow down. That’s why I only download only the most useful and best value apps.

My iPhone with matching pink rubber guard

This is slightly a tech blog so I’d like to share some really useful apps Filipinos must have on their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

5. BDO / BPI App

These apps are great for working professionals who need to manage their bank accounts on-the-go. You can transfer funds, and most convenient, bills payment.

Download BDO
Download BPI

4. MeralCO App

If your electric bill is way too high (like me) then this utility app might help you lower your power consumption.

More info

3. GMA News Online / Rappler

Who still reads the newspaper? Download either of these apps to get the latest in news and current affairs in the country. I like Rappler better because of its blog style dynamic writing.

Rappler App info
Download GMA News App

2. MMDA App

This is the best app for commuting through Metro Manila traffic. When it’s a payday weekend or raining hard I start this up to check which route I’ll take. I hate traffic. If you hate traffic too then download this.

1. Grabtaxi

Grabtaxi is the reason I wrote this post. I totally love this app and have a new found love for taking a cabs.

In a nutshell:

  • No more waiting in long taxi lines in mall
  • No more stupid drivers who wont let your ride without a dubious “contract fee”
  • No more fear of modus operandi taxi drivers who will rob you

Sometimes I think this one is too good to be true.
GrabTaxi website


DOST Project noah


Philippine typhoons and floods keep getting worse and worse. To help you become more prepared this app can be a life saver.

How about you, what other mobile apps do you find useful in the Philippines? I didn’t include social media apps like FB and instagram in the list because they’re not really for utility.

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7 Responses to “5 Most Useful Mobile Apps in the Philippines”

  1. Julio Ceres Ibay

    i hope our fellow pinoys can make use of this iphone app. still under development and originally scheduled for December release. May mga delays so safe estimate ko is Jan 2014 na.. Hope they will find this useful and support this ‘design ng pinoy’.

    pre-launch marketing, a lot still needs to be done, including the website. actually wala pa akong binibigyan ng URL add nitong apps, since under construction pa sya. i just tried putting something there just to see the domain and hosting works..hindi pa final un contents and screnshots ng apps dun..

    Regards. JC