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It's more fun in the philippines - rebecca black meme

The newest Department of Tourism Slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, was recently launched. It’s goal is to promote Filipino tourism locally and abroad.  Below is the official logo:

More fun in the Philippines ” The Good”

  • It’s easy to understand
  • Modern looking /internet focused
  • Banig Weave techno pattern is unique
  • Designed for social media participation

The Bad side of ‘More Fun in the Philippines’

  • Wordy
  • More fun in the Philippines tagline used before by Switzerland
  • Sounds inspired by a Rebecca Black Song
  • Non-techie/ non-Internet savvy people may feel left out
Logo It's more fun in the Philippines DOT Tourism

Graphic Design – More Fun in the Philippines

It looks like a web 2.0 logo targeting an internet-based audience. The colors and fonts are warm and friendly which match the message well. It’s very clean looking with a good amount of spacing. The closest font I could find similar at the moment  was Neo Tech Bold.

More fun in the Philippines Font

The actual ‘its more fun font’ is really Harbara. Big thanks to commenter ‘Boris‘ for the correction.

Download Its more fun in the Philippines font

The banig weave icon was cleverly made. The digital pixel pattern may symbolize the Philippines’ technology base . I can imagine it being a  little hard to distinguish that it’s actually the shape of the Philippines specially for foreigners not familiar the country’s geography.

It’s certainly a a big improvement from the previously failed, Pilipinas Kay Ganda, campaign.

Twitter hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhillippines

The best part of the More fun in the Philippines campaign is having social media in mind.  It gives any twitter user a chance to promote Philppine tourism by giving a reason  followed by #ItsMoreFunInThePhillippines hashtag in their tweets. Currently it’s trending worldwide. I bet this strategy alone will give this campaign most of it’s momentum.

More fun in the Philippines hashtag Examples:

Our Christmas season starts in September! #ItsMoreFunInThePhillippines
– bionicbertha

WE HAVE CRISPY PATA and LECHON!!!!! itsmorefuninthephilippines
– ojtibi

Internet Memes – More Fun in the Philippines

Memes are starting to sprout everywhere which is a good thing. Memes are free viral marketing at it’s best.

no fund gloria arroyo wala na

It's more fun in the philippines - rebecca black memeup diliman - its more fun in the philippinesit's more fun in the philippines - balot memeits more fun in the philippines - starbuko pun meme

More Controversy in the Philippines

Forum members at discovered that the same line, “It’s more fun in…” was used by Switzerland Tourism in an older ad.

it's more fun in switzerland swiss

Some members cried, “Plagiarism!” while others said it’s fine since it’s an old ad anyway.

Username Orion Pax quoted:

“Its not fun when the Swiss beat you to a tourism slogan 61 years ago”

The line is super generic. Another poster replied that it was just a headline and not a campaign. Personally, I think this was just coincidence.

Designipinoy’s own, “More Fun in the Philippines”, Contribution

more fun in the philippines
Web Design - More fun in the Philippines!



Compared to the old slogan WOW Philippines, it may be a little wordy but I really like it. It was well-designed and thought out. The banig logo was refreshing fonts and colors used were modern but friendly.

The inclusion of the social media angle was excellent. Overall I think Department of Tourism did a good job this time.

What is your opinion on the new logo and campaign. Do you think  it will make a change in Filipino tourism? Reply in the comment box below.

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  1. The launching of the “Its more fun in the Philippines is expected to encourage more tourists in the Philippines, local and foreign. The DOT already expected the inflow of more tourists but they have to do more by intensifying ad campaign. After the launch, we haven’t heard or seen in the media more ads.