Landing Page and Conversions Basics


Your web site is up and looking sleek with the sexy Flash effects. You’re about to launch a big online marketing campaign backed by months worth of SEO work, banner ads and blog teasers. You’ve tested your creative and your clickthrough rate is strong. You know once you go live, tons of targeted traffic will be hitting your site.

Time to sit back and relax, right? No no no, not by a mile.

First things first – What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page visitors arrive at after clicking on your promotional creative.

Your landing page has to convince the visitor to stay and (depending on your goal):

  • Fill out a form (which people HATE doing)
  • Provide personal details (Yah right, and give you the chance to spam my inbox?)
  • Buy something (maybe another day…)
  • Read a lot of information (boring…. zzz)

As you can see, there are some major obstacles to getting visitors to do what you want on your landing page. You have to convince people to do things they hate. This is why typical conversion rates are extremely low. The visitor must know right away what your site is for and what he’s doing there with the most minimal effort of conscious thought. In other words, treat every visitor like a dummy!

Converting the Masses

Upon arriving at your site, you want the visitor to do something (e.g., register for your newsletter or buy your product). Your site is not successful until that desired action is taken. When a visitor takes that desired action, you’ve had a conversion. If you have millions of visitors coming to your site daily and no one converts, not only do you have an unsuccessful marketing campaign, but also a big hosting bill.

Attracting traffic is easy. The tricky part is converting it. And that’s the purpose of your landing page. So before you go back and have your designers put up super duper ultra laser sonic animations – just don’t. Make it easy for your visitors by simplifying your site.