Joel Cruz – Ang Pinaka-Panget na Babae sa Billboard


(Update on the bottom of post)

I told you before in my Bench Uncut Billboard article that I traverse Edsa daily to and from work. Another unique Philippines billboard that caught my attention is the Joel Cruz one below.  I overheard a conversation between two ladies on the bus with one of them saying:

Sya na ang pinakapanget ng babaeng nakita ko sa billboard…”

This really hit me because people are thinking the dude on the billboard is a girl.

Joel cruz lord of scents

Hey, don’t get me wrong. Props to mister Joel Cruz for his success and fame. He has a badass mansion in Tagaytay and butt-loads of money. Joel Cruz is best know for his Aficionado fragrance line. He is someone who should inspire us. I think very highly of Filipino entrepreneurs but his marketing strategy has just really left me stumped. Advertising on billboards costs hundreds of thousands of pesos and usually only the most successful companies have them.

This billboard just doesn’t make much sense. Lets dissect the design:

Waste of Precious Ad Space

This particular billboard is placed strategically along Edsa and Santolan Avenue Cubao. It’s  a prime area for billboard advertising. But what is this billboard trying to sell? What am I suppose to buy after seeing this advertisement 100 feet up in the air? I really don’t know and I’m getting a bad migraine just from thinking about it.

Joel Cruz Billboard on Edsa

Brand Confusion

Why is he promoting a dental service? When did getting a root canal or dentures give a good smelling fragrance. Instead of promoting a dental clinic he should have promoted his franchise instead. Of course this could just be a high profile X-deal or barter (or bf nya yung dentist).

Lady of Scents or Lord of EDSA

He’s using “Lord of Scents” as his alias. It would be much better if he used “Lady” of scents. He really looks like a girl (i don’t know if he’s gay). I have nothing against homosexuality but this will help the design by showing uniformity between visuals and the copy. Just tell it as it is. It’s just confusing to people like the two women who were talking on the bus.

Bwiseat, a member of, suggested “Lord of Edsa” which was really funny.

Graphic Design

The designer who made this did a good job. It has plenty of white space, easy to ready typography, and a balance of colors. It is nice to look at up close and even from afar.

Just to repeat myself, I give much respect to Mr Joel Cruz. It’s his advertising agency I’m worried about. I think a better campaign would’ve been made with the resources given. Nasasayangan lang talaga ako.

What do you think about this billboard design? Please share if you have a better explanation.

P.S. Mr Joel Cruz if you’re reading this, I will design your next billboard for FREE. I specialize in designs that generate sales. Please get in touch with me ASAP!

UPDATES – New Billboard Improvements

Joel Cruz’ advertising agency probably listened to some of my suggestions in the old post and I do think the new billboard looks better because

  1. It shows products now
  2. More pleasing face although still incredibly shopped
  3. Better graphics
Joel Cruz Billboard update

(Still a little scary though when you bring  his face + kids perfume into the picture)

Joel Cruz without makeup
joel cruz without Makeup/Photoshop

He looks fine without makeup and photo editing. I wonder why he wants such heavy photo enhancements.

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18 Responses to “Joel Cruz – Ang Pinaka-Panget na Babae sa Billboard”

  1. daemon

    The ad seemed to try to hit two birds with one stone (perfumery and dental clinic) but failed miserably due to a very poor layout. Typography used doesn’t blend with each other and the rather disproportionately small size and awful script font used to identify the Dental clinic’s name. Heck, even a grade schooler can do a better layout than this!

  2. You guys are saying that ad is a waste, it lacks layout, etc… and yet we’re talking about it right now… you even cared to write a blog about it!

  3. Funny you folks talk about it as a failure when the whole point of advertising is to get a lasting reaction… How many countless billboards are posted and are just ignored for being mediocre and common (even though the design and structure is perfect).

    Remember the “naka tikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?” ad?… some ads get stuck in your head… This is one of them.

  4. I’m sorry. Even the updated billboard still doesn’t cut it. Does his FACE even have to be there in the first place? Talk about narcissism.

    The colors, even if the ad is for kids’ cologne, is just to gaudy. It looks cheap. Your products can be cheap without your ad looking cheap, right?

  5. if youre driving along edsa with relatively moderate speed of 60, you only have a split second to look at his billboard and i found it ineffective for me because
    1. i wondered who he was (was he ala Jobart or something?)
    2. what was he selling? all i saw was his face!

    It was only at SM when I saw a booth later on that I connected it all xD

  6. pinakamaganda

    the more you criticize him,or his advertisement,the more he gain credit for his product.why dont u people,be inspired of his achievements in life. take it in a positive way.he is so successful,so take him as an example and get inspired to be one

  7. You should write a blog post about Christina Decena’s bus ads! The horror! The woman is wearing a necktie (in a not flattering way!) She’s endorsing condos and other things. I don’t know how she got to be an endorser. To me she’s turning customers away!

  8. sus ! inggit lang kayo lahat sa yaman ng bakla…. !!! aminin nyo na, nakatingala tayong lahat…… inggit lang yan, blogger… mag franchise ka na lang ng Aficionado, baka sakali mahawa ka sa swerte ng lola mo.

  9. tama!dpat nga proud tayong mga pinoy ksi kapwa pinoy ntin ay ngtagumpay sa hirap at tyaga!congrats joel! sna ako din mgtagumpay saan ha,ha,ha, akoy sang promo lamang pero mahilig ako mg alok khit anu maisipan ibenta he,he,he.