ILoveTee Pinoy Couples T-shirt design


ILovetee now has it’s own website
Ordering customized couple shirts is quick and easy. Just follow the order process and everything is automated.

What started as a design hobby has now turned into a seriously chic small business. ILovTee is a cute customized T-shirts design company with one of the most creative Filipino graphic artists out there – Jhellai Valino. With cute and fresh designs popular among the the Facebook crowd, Jhellai brings a Pinoy flavor into people’s closet.

We asked Jhellai how it all began. “I started out designing couples shirts and now expanding to create the perfect t-shirt for a night out, band, business or whatever you can think of. T shirts are the most popular clothing item and are bound to get you noticed”.

Jhellai said “We decided to start making T-shirts because we want people to have fun, laugh, look good, feel comfortable, get good jobs, get sweaty dancing, and go home with someone who also did those things”.

All of the designs ILoveTee makes were made by Jhellai or her friends. She is always on the lookout for new designs, so get in touch with her if you have your own ideas. We do our best to keep prices reasonable while still making high-quality tees. A lot of our shirts are printed on imported shirts, which are seriously the nicest shirts you’ll find anywhere. They’re also handmade in a care-free environment, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you order with us.

Buying any t-shirt in the store isn’t as much fun as designing your own. Design your t-shirt as cute, cheeky, rude, offensive, friendly or flirty as you like! Support designers from the Philippines. Order your t-shirts from ILoveTee today –  ILoveTee on Facebook

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