HWATT?? Jinky Pacquiao, Belo Endorser?


Not only is Jinky Pacquiao getting everything Manny’s money can buy, she also gets to appear on advertising real estate. In EDSA. For Belo. Ahhh, the perks of being a world champion boxer’s wife. The anguish of watching helplessly as your husband gets beaten while being rumored to have extra-marital affairs must have its rewards.

There is so much said in this particular piece of advertising. It has the mass appeal of a tabloid article due to the, uh, talent involved, and a magnet for usually smug, nit-picking ad perfectionists – like us. We can choose not to care, but we could not let this one pass.

So let’s get right into it, shall we…

Is she mad, or is she beautiful?
For spending thousands of Pesos in Belo cosmetics, I would expect getting better results than what Jinky got. She looks as intense as Manny in one of his fights. We understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if

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the beholders are motorists and commuters who pass by her every day, there is a big chance they might mistake her for Manny’s mother.

Wasted Tagline
The tagline is great, but it falls flat of its promise. “Don’t get mad, get beautiful”, theoretically, is a perfect line for Jinky. In actuality, the words lose its meaning like Belo might lose its credibility. They might as well go all Gladiator and challenge “Is there anyone else?!” or “Are you not entertained?”.

The Controversy.
What must Manny think of this? It must be very uncomfortable to see your wife bash you in a billboard. In Manny’s case it must be uncomfortable to see your wife in a billboard, period. As much as the ad attracts comments from sites like this, it also causes more media attention to something that have been put to rest ages ago. Now we’re going to have to hear about this on Sunday afternoon gossip shows — again.

So what do you think? Is Jinky the right pick for this ad?

Share how you feel by commenting below.

6 Responses to “HWATT?? Jinky Pacquiao, Belo Endorser?”

  1. You guys are out of your mind to think that she’s a strong woman. A strong woman wont stand for shits thrown her way and wont stay for the money. Let’s get real. Not a good example of a good Filipina at all.

  2. Hello,

    All I can say is these: u r obviously someone who is a loser, word mongering bastard who have nothing better to do and someone who could not mind his/ her own bloody business. If you got the dough like her I bet you would do worse things to your face than what the wife of Pacquio did. Besides she looks better if not prettier than before the makeover. Let her be and go back to your little world of depraved existence!!!

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