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Do you want to learn how to create a website for your own blog, online store or brochure website? Your baby sister, grandma and neighbors have one, why don’t you? Building a website yourself can save you plenty of money. Free ones like WordPress and Blogger are fine but do not look professional.
how to create a website
Everyone wants their own web page. More and more people want to learn how to create a website of their own. I’ve put up this guide about how to create a website to help others step by step.

How to Create a Website Guide


Before you learn how to create a website you need to know why you need a website. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you need to know where you want to go to get there. Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in the end. Sometimes you want to do so many things and nothing gets done. This is the first step of how to create your website.

Plan of action

Do you want to sell a product? Make a portfolio? Tribute page, hobby or community forum? Make a simple draft of what your end goal will be and everything will fall in place.

Domain name or your www .com name

Step 1 - Choose domain name

The next part is choosing your .com name or domain name. Your domain name will be the your website identity. No two domain names are the same. Thinking up your domain is fun – weeeee! It’s just like naming your pet puppy or your first born child. Give your website a good name and it will be good to you. Choosing a .com is one of the fun parts of how to create a website.

For pinoy Filipino flavor buy a .ph or at note, the price for a .ph domain cost 3x a normal .com though. For regular .com I recommend They have good customer support.

Tip: do your best to make it simple, short, easy to remember and spell
Advanced Tip: a domain name has a big gravity on how you come up in search engines. Try to use a domain name that people would type in the search box

example: if you sell silver leather boots – >


You need a computer to save all your web pages on the internet. This is where all your website files will be saved (web page html, images etc) and where your domain will be directed to.

Step 2 Buy hosting services
Your files wiill be stored in one of these back things

Finding a good hosting provider is important. i suggest bluehost or hostgator. Uploading your html files and pictures are discussed in the final part of the how to create your own website.

Content and images

This is the most important part of how to create a website is the content or information you put into it. Your site can look like crap but if the information is gold, people will flood in. How valuable the information or product you share is what will make or break your websites. Make your words interesting and useful so visitors keep coming back for more. You can do this all on MS word or even jot in in a notebook.

Make your content useful and Intredasting

Tip: Sound like a human. Add some humor and your own personal opinions. Don’t try to sound too formal either.
Advanced Tip: Try to write in a search engine friendly way. That means include terms or words people will type in google search box. SEO is an advanced topic in how to create a website.

Learning HTML can also help in knowing how to create a website.  There are many internet tutorials just google: “html tutorials” without the quotation marks.

Web Design – how to create a website that is beautiful

You can start by drawing it on paper. Learning Photoshop is a big advantage also. Get inspiration from your favorite sites. Looking at good web design examples is a constructive part of learning how to create a website. Try not to add too many special effects because it will make it amateurish. The top websites on the planet have a super minimalist design and focus primarily on content (eg. google facebook youtube)For the coding you will have to learn HTML. Just take some free online lessons.

Create the design
HTML – How to meet ladies

You don’t need to be a Leanardo or Davinci to learn how to create a website. Minimalist web design is favored over noisy design.

Tip: For the site structure follow common conventions. People look for logo on the top right and the menu either on top of on the left column.

Upload your files by FTP

You will need to transfer all your files to a computer server. I discussed this earlier about hosting. Filezilla is a free ftp program that does just that. Ask your hosting provider what your FTP settings are. This is usually the last step of creating a website. Once all your files have been uploaded, your pretty design and text should be up for the all the interwebz to see.

Let all your friends know you have a website. Tell them that you learned how to create website on your own. Call everyone in your phone directory. Send out emails, post it on facebook and tweet it. If it’s for business add it to your calling card, posters, stationery, flyers and all other marketing materials.

These are many other tips on how to create a website and these are just the basic steps. Don’t overthink it and have fun! If it’s not as pretty as you like, go back and read

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  1. Could you also write an article about HTML? I’d really like to have my own website for my online store but before I hire someone to do it for me, I’d like to do it first. :)

  2. hi..aside from these u know somebody who renders service to create a website for me? and how much would it cost more or less? thanks.. i really want to learn but i think it will be better if someone who in expertise can do it for me. can you recommend? thanks..

  3. jeanne

    hi, this is very u know somebody who offers service to create a website for me? and how much would it cost me? i really want to do it myself but it will be better if an expert could do it. can you recommend? thanks..i want to have my website as a makeup artist :)