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Google Web Developer Fest Philippines
Google devfest 2010 Philippines

It was a  great day to be a web developer in the Philippines. Hundreds of Filipino geeks and programmers gathered for the Google Devfest 2010 last Tuesday July 6 at the UP Technohub in Quezon City.  Dev experts from around the world came to visit for a 1-day talk about new products, coding, demos and fun. The topics covered were Chrome/HTML5, App Engine, Social APIs and Maps API.

Speakers include Jeremy Orlow, Daniels Lee, Patrick Chanezon, Timothy Jordan, and Bob Aman. There are Googlers around including Google country consultant for the Philippines, Aileen Apolo. Most of the attendees were  college and university students from all over Metro Manila, with a committed few from startups and small businesses.  About 300 people attended.

Jeremy Orlow (MTV/LON) introduced HTML5 developments in an amazing browser slide presentation. More HTML5 information can be found here. Jordan and Aman discussed  Google Buzz and the conversational web. They showed off Buzz Bingo as an example of the uses of Google Buzz as a conference tool.  Chanezon meanwhile discussed Google Cloud for Developers and the Google App Engine. Chenezon’s gave an earlier presentation in Sydney.

There are now so many powerful APIs, open distribution platforms, and development tools becoming available for easy and often free use. Google DevFest is shaping the future of the social media for 24 million Internet users in the Philippines by enabling web developers to work together and learn about faster and better ways to create the next group of social networking applications.

The big turnout is good news for the participants and the industry. While many aim to be employed by IT companies then go abroad where there are better opportunities,  a number of Filipino developers and want to stay here and form their own IT businesses.

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Google DevFest will help shape the future of the social web for 24 million Internet users in the Philippines by enabling web developers to collaborate and learn about faster and better paths to create the next wave of social networking applications that work across all OpenSocial-enabled websites

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