How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate

Most people don’t come to your landing page and look at every single design element. They come looking for clues to quickly answer their questions. If these questions are not answered these visitors will “bounce” away to a different site, rather than going any further. They want to know: “Is this the right place?” “Is […]

how to get more likes facebook

12 Tips on How to Get Likes on Facebook

Everyone wants to be liked whether in personal life or business.  How much you are liked plays a big role in your success. You can be smart, pretty, rich and talented but if you are not likeable, you won’t get that far. Social networking sites like Facebook virtually represents your reputation as a good or […]


Pinoy filmmaker Paolo Dy Wins US Competition with Creative License

This was a 24 hour “Film race” and with the resources available I think the output was very entertaining. It’s a humorous presentation of how pinoys in other countries have to deal with families and friends in their home country. Details: RUNTIME 2:32 COMPETITION Brooklyn 2010, City Winners 2010 CREATED IN 24 Hours THEME Exaggeration […]


ILoveTee Pinoy Couples T-shirt design

Update: ILovetee now has it’s own website Ordering customized couple shirts is quick and easy. Just follow the order process and everything is automated. What started as a design hobby has now turned into a seriously chic small business. ILovTee is a cute customized T-shirts design company with one of the most creative Filipino […]