EDSA soon to be renamed “Bench Avenue”

I commute to Makati everyday to going work and enjoy different billboard designs along EDSA which somehow keeps me entertained through the crawling flow of traffic. EDSA is a main artery of traffic in the Philippine capital so its not a surprise that companies advertise aggressively along this slow clogged up path using their own […]

Pinoy Jewelry beads

Sonnet Beads: Designer Filipino Jewelry

Pinoy’s are well know for our ingenuity and designing insignificant things into fine works of art. Something that has caught my attention lately is the popularity of beadwork Jewerly. Sonnet Beads is one of the best I’ve seen yet. Kim Barloso is  designer of Sonnet Beads: handcrafted jewelry. Her motto: “profit is not everything, put […]

design contest websites are bad for both designers and businesses

Why NOT to Join Online Design Contests

I heard that a few of my Filipino designer  friends joined an online web design contest. I never made any comment because I was just not in the mood to debate and argue at the time. I have never joined a design contest online since instinctively I felt it would not be right or beneficial […]

gif jpg png

When to use JPG, GIF, and PNG

Generally, graphic files are identified by their file extension: GIF graphics have a .gif extension, JPG graphics have a .jpg extension, and PNGs have a .png extension. These three formats are popular because they are compression-based formats — meaning that they take up less space and require much less time to download than other uncompressed […]