Scramble wars

Pinoy Ice Scramble without the Hepatitis

Before there there were pearl shakes and Starbucks Mochafraps, one iced beverage ruled the manila streets – “Iskrambol”. Ice scramble is back with a vengeance. Just go to your favorite mall and you should be able to find an ice scramble food stall. Now you can drink to your hearts desire without worrying about acquiring […]

Thumbnail wordcamp 2010 Philippines

Pinoy WordPress Event – Wordcamp 2010 Philippines

I’m in love with WordPress. Seriously, if WP were a woman I would be having an affair with it. I would insert my post and tag it all day and all night. WordPress makes it easy for non-webgeeks make topnotch websites. It saves time for webmasters, has an easy learning curve and it’s free! and […]


Bookay-Ukay a Rockin’ Pinoy Bookstore

Not All book Lovers are Nerds. You will not see your typical geeky type crowd at this store. You would think this was an underground gig spot. What first caught my attention is how the store is designed. You’ll see plenty of artwork, pinoy designs, urban graffiti with a punk rock feel. You can’t see any white […]


.Co domains now available – but are they worth anything?

Did you miss out on a great .com domain name in the past? If you act quickly enough you might still be able to get the .co version. You can pre-register your favorite name at most of the popular domain services. The cheapest I’ve found is at at $22.00. The Good .CO is easy […]


Landing Page and Conversions Basics

Your web site is up and looking sleek with the sexy Flash effects. You’re about to launch a big online marketing campaign backed by months worth of SEO work, banner ads and blog teasers. You’ve tested your creative and your clickthrough rate is strong. You know once you go live, tons of targeted traffic will […]