Bookay-Ukay a Rockin’ Pinoy Bookstore

Not All book Lovers are Nerds. You will not see your typical geeky type crowd at this store. You would think this was an underground gig spot. What first caught my attention is how the store is designed. You’ll see plenty of artwork, pinoy designs, urban graffiti with a punk rock feel. You can’t see any white […]


.Co domains now available – but are they worth anything?

Did you miss out on a great .com domain name in the past? If you act quickly enough you might still be able to get the .co version. You can pre-register your favorite name at most of the popular domain services. The cheapest I’ve found is at at $22.00. The Good .CO is easy […]


Landing Page and Conversions Basics

Your web site is up and looking sleek with the sexy Flash effects. You’re about to launch a big online marketing campaign backed by months worth of SEO work, banner ads and blog teasers. You’ve tested your creative and your clickthrough rate is strong. You know once you go live, tons of targeted traffic will […]


HWATT?? Jinky Pacquiao, Belo Endorser?

Not only is Jinky Pacquiao getting everything Manny’s money can buy, she also gets to appear on advertising real estate. In EDSA. For Belo. Ahhh, the perks of being a world champion boxer’s wife. The anguish of watching helplessly as your husband gets beaten while being rumored to have extra-marital affairs must have its rewards. […]


Does Coco Captivate You?

There’s nothing remarkably wrong about Herbench’s new fragrance ad now showing along EDSA. Not even Coco Martin’s dazed expression and the most even skin complexion any Photoshop expert can muster. The design is generally acceptable and there seems to be no Refills! seems be year you any Bei Dauer Sehnsüchten In Min Rezept Frauen. […]