How to Start an Online Business for Pinoys

Creating a Pinoy online business is easy… IF you know how to start the right way. Free Download! Press ‘Like’ for the links to show Benefits of starting an online business 1) It does not need a large capital. All you need is a computer and internet connection. You do not need to have special […]


20 Best Philippines Logo Designs

There are many beautiful Philippines logo designs that we come across everyday and others which have been with us since childhood. I collected the best logos which display excellent design and strong brand recognition. This list showcases a variety of companies ranging from telecoms, clothing to food service. Logo Design Philippines Top 20 20. When […]


Racist Filipino Magazine, Billboard and Ads – OH MY!

It’s alarming how many Filipino racist issues are being reported in the news lately. You can turn on the TV during prime time and watch obvious racist Filipino teleseryes and think nothing of it. I’m not going to give a history lesson or talk in depth about racism. I’ll just point out a few the […]


Web Designers Philippines 10 Best Websites

It’s easy to overlook the talent and creativity of web designers Philippines after getting so accustomed to the internet, you forget the artist behind each web page. Being a web designer is not as prestigious as being a fashion designer. A web designer doesn’t get as much recognition for their work compared to lets say, […]