18 Best Philippine TV Commercial Classics

Do you still remember jingles and TV commercials from when you were growing up? Watch through the videos below and see which one’s made the most lasting impression on you. Caronia TV Commercial Giant bottles of nail polish with dancers in superhero uniforms was the rage back then. I Can Feel It – Alice Dixon […]


5 Most Useful Mobile Apps in the Philippines

I’m very picky when installing apps on my three year old pass-me-down iPhone 3gs. Too many programs bloat the system and can really cause it to slow down. That’s why I only download only the most useful and best value apps. This is slightly a tech blog so I’d like to share some really useful […]


15 Best Wedding Photographers Philippines

It is every bride’s dream to book the best wedding photographer they can afford and I’m sure most would agree that it’s a solid investment. This guide was made to help couples choose the right photographer that compliments their personality and would match the look and feel of the wedding’s theme.