18 Best Philippine TV Commercial Classics


Do you still remember jingles and TV commercials from when you were growing up? Watch through the videos below and see which one’s made the most lasting impression on you.

Caronia TV Commercial

Giant bottles of nail polish with dancers in superhero uniforms was the rage back then.

I Can Feel It – Alice Dixon

The shoulder move.

Cindy’s When You’re Hungry

The weirdest one in the list. Bad acting foreigners galore. Bakit may crocodile???


Bilmoko SMB (Fred Panopio)

Lilet Coke

I thought Lilet’s version was the only one. Turns out coke made one for each nationality in different countries. Still epic though.

Karen Mcdonalds

Fck. This one ALWAYS makes me cry :(

Bench Richard Gomez Commercial (Rowing)

Beautiful and perfectly made.

What happens in a bag of NIPs

Probably the most successful animated commercial in the Philippines up until today.

I Love You Sabado – Jollibee

My favorite jingle in the list.

Closeup Closer You and I (Gino Padilla)

Family Toothpaste

Before Rebecca Black came out with Friday, there was the Family song.

I remember yesterday – Bear brand

“Look at my mole!”

Dragon Katol

White couple slapping each other wtf?

Beauty of the Philippines – Philippine Airlines

Kareoke worthy.

Joey Royal Tru Orange

Sarsi Angat sa Iba

Ahead of its time. Have yet to see a better production than this

Milo a Day – Bea Lucero

Great energy and song.

Wala parin tatalo sa Alaska

Which was your favorite? Are there others you remember not added to this list?

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30 Responses to “18 Best Philippine TV Commercial Classics”

  1. Aga Muhlach and Serena Dalrymple’s “Isa pa, Isa pang ChickenJoy” Jollibee commercial was a hit back then.
    Also the “Nawawala si Jenniffer” comm.

    Patrick Garcia’s Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog commercial of “Dear Diary” was also a huge hit then.

  2. mhvmhv

    What about the “Nano Nano” candy commercial. I found a link of a non-English. I wish they can upload the English version shown in the Philppines.

  3. if only maganda ang pagkaka play. sana original or digital na.. these commercials, mahirap makalimutan talaga. nakatatak na sa isipan , mas tatak sa bagong henerasyon… especially yung caronia… at miloooooooo.

  4. Thanks for this! Nice collection!
    Some other memorable ads – Seiko wallet (ang wallet na maswerte), rubbing alcohol (carlos padilla – di lang pampamilya pang sports pa), YC bikini brief, purefoods hotdog with patrick garcia :)