21 Funny Pinoy Pictures that will Make you Laugh Everytime


You can see new funny  pinoy pictures  on Facebook or twitter every day. Filipinos are known for our easy going attitude and good sense of humor which  reflect strongly through the funny  pinoy pictures circulating around the internet. If a picture is worth a thousand words then these photos are worth a thousand laughs.

 21 Funny Pinoy Pictures that will make you laugh everytime

Ninong Manny Aguinaldo Pacquiao

Funny pacquio - Funny pinoy pictures

Alin sa Tatlo?

Alin sa Tatlo

Gloria Pinoy Henyo

I didn’t know Gloria joined Pinoy Henyo?
gloria pinoy henyo


A variant of planking, I have yet to try this myself.

Red Bull Dextrose

Redhorse dextrose

Gloria Arroyo and Jasmin Trias vs Lilo and Stitch

Gloria-arroyo jasmin-trias-lilo-stitch

Pinoy Power Rangers

The 2010 Philippines Presidentiables (in order) Villar, Gibo, Noynoy, Bayani Fernanez

pinoy power rangers

Filipino Presidents Stamps

another Variation (ouch)

Plastic Bag Wag itapon

Translation: “Do not throw plastic bags. It might be used by another person.” I think it’s an eco-friendly fashion statement if I may so so myself.

Plastic Bag

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Macapaquiao Arroyo


Sexy Manny in Bikini

Beiber Manny

Christopher Lao “I should have been informed”

Immortalized on youtube and  a living internet legend. Being Christopher Lao’ed is now synonymous to being informed.

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Hollywood Sign Taal

Governor Vilma Santos of Batangas shows a bit of her acting experience through tourism.

hollywood batangas taas vilma sign

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Heather Lhyn,Chonalyn, Chorvalyn and Friends Funny pinoy pictures classic

Certainly a Classic and one of my favorites. One of the oldest pinoy funny pictures around the internet.

Hearther lhyn

Gloria Arroyo Surfing during Ondoy

Ginebra Sachet


DPWH Photoshop fiasco

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Angry Birds

One  of the newer pics that came from the More fun in the Philippines Tourism Campaign

More fun in the Philippines Angry birds

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Development Stages of a Woman

Kiray → Melai → Pokwang → Nanay Dionisia

Gay Reaction to Miss Universe

Gay' Reaction to Miss Universe

Pinoy Tribesmen on Facebook

tribe men on facebook

Commuting. More Fun in the Philippines

The new tourism campaign just might backfire on us.


Filipinos Chocolate Bar

It’s a real chocolate bar made in spain. First they colonize us then they eat us.


Special Mention: Nepa-Q-Mart

Photographed by my friend in New York City. For those unaware there’s also a nepa-q-mart in Cubao

Nepa Q mart NYC

Tita Gloria and Ninong Manny Pacquiao are the most famous.  Share this list to your friends to cheer them up or recommend it to others just for lulz :)

What do you think about these funny pinoy pictures? Did you laugh or were they offensive to you? Leave a comment in the box below.

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