12 Tips on How to Get Likes on Facebook

how to get more likes facebook

how to get more likes facebookEveryone wants to be liked whether in personal life or business.  How much you are liked plays a big role in your success. You can be smart, pretty, rich and talented but if you are not likeable, you won’t get that far.

Social networking sites like Facebook virtually represents your reputation as a good or bad person.  Use this basic guide to get more likes on the web. This also covers social media etiquette in general.

  1. Use your real name – don’t try to make your name sound cool or use Chinese characters ( specially if you’re not Chinese.)
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  2. Prevent account hacking. Change your password regularly, every month if possible. It’s quite embarrassing when you send out indecent messages.
  3. Use your own photo. I’m sure your pets and kids are adorable but your profile pic should show – you. You can use your kids photos temporarily for special occasions but not permanently. Your child is not you.  Also this is what photo albums are for.
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  4. Don’t tag people with irrelevant products you’re selling. We can’t escape the fact that facebook is a great place to sell, but strategically target who your customers are. This will yield better results than tagging everyone.
  5. Socialize – it’s not all about you. Have genuine interest in what other people are doing.
  6. Share useful information. Broadcasting if your bout of diarrhea is getting worse is not useful to us.
  7. Be positive. Being emo and whining constantly brings everyone down. It attracts bad karma for yourself too.
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  8. Spell check. Grammar check and don’t use Text talk. Jejemon is so 2009. How you talk and write reflects your intelligence.
  9. Limit your status messages. Updating your status every minute is a form of spamming or flooding.
  10. Don’t post vague messages only a few people in your contacts will understand. You can just send it as a private message.
  11. Limit the number of pictures in an album. You don’t need to post 285 pictures of you posing in front of the bathroom mirror. 10-15 photos in one album would be convenient. Just choose your best shots.
  12. Have a sense of humor. Funny is good and it shows your warm and lighter side.

Bonus tip:
Stop mass inviting people to play your games. As an act of courtesy ask permission before sending an invite. We have more important things to do than adopt your cow or fight a rival gang.

  1. Adopt cow facebook


What’s your favorite in the list? Feel free to add your own suggestions. If you’re guilty of any of the above of these you’re welcome to react violently in the comment box.

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11 Responses to “12 Tips on How to Get Likes on Facebook”

  1. Amen Brother!!
    Its sometimes just too annoying having to deal with people posting irrelevant status’ day in – day out. Although, you can’t blame them for wanting ‘likes’ on their pages because this actually activates dopamine receptors, similar to eating chocolate 😐